Green Technology

Green Technology

Whole House Ventilation with Heat Recovery System

The ventilation unit runs continuously, drawing fresh air into the home changing the air every two hours. The unit filters the incoming air to remove pollutants and insects. Once passed through the unit the air is delivered around the home through a series of ducts.

While fresh air is being drawn into the home, a second motor inside the ventilation unit takes stale, moisture laden air out of the property. Air is withdrawn from the bathrooms, WC’s, utility rooms and kitchens. It is important to understand that the indoor air is not re-circulated around the home. One motor brings fresh air in, while a second motor takes stale air out.

In warmer months, the heat recovery process can be bypassed to ensure that cooler fresh air enters the home.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting has been installed extensively throughout the house. Not only does it dramatically reduce lighting power consumption by 80% but each fitting comes with a five year guarantee. meaning much less changing of light bulbs.

Thermal Insulation

The house has been built using highly insulated walls and floors using the latest off site construction technology which will give superb thermal performance and exceptionally efficient energy use.